Linux Firefox – Proper CSD with no border

Ever since I moved from Google Chrome to Firefox, I’ve been bothered by the tab bar. In Chrome, the tabs are properly right at the very top of the screen when maximised. In Firefox, even with the fancy new CSD (Client Side Decorations) there is an annoying border above the tab which ruins my muscle memory of flinging the mouse to the top to switch tabs.

For a while I was using gdevilspie to undecorate Firefox, but this made using it non-maximised annoying and also affected Firefox popup windows. After some meddling I found this

  1. Turn off Titlebar and Drag space off in the Customise page
  2. Set “browser.tabs.extraDragSpace” set to true
  3. Toggle Titlebar on and off again in customise

The one caveat to this is that the Mint-X theme in Cinnamon has a nasty looking border. You will need to change to one that works (Mint-y or Mint-y Dark) before doing any of the above, and run through the steps again if you change theme.

It seems that you need to toggle Titlebar on and off each time you launch Firefox. That’s annoying.

–updated update
This looks like it’s fixed in the latest Firefox beta (61.0b8)

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