A few years ago I settled on using Linux Mint. It has a bad rap and isn’t the most customisable, but damn if it isn’t stable.

My true comfy distro is xubuntu, however as of 22.04 it’s installing Firefox as a snap. The problem with this is that I use a custom theme and mouse cursor theme, which snaps seem to be completely unaware of.

So, for coming up to 8 years I’m still sticking with Linux Mint. It’s not cutting edge and exciting, it has a (undeserved) reputation as a beginner OS, but it’s stable and doesn’t use bloody snaps.

I recently got a Raspberry Pi 400. I’ve got Retropie on one microSD card and the official Raspberry Pi OS on another, but I wanted a “full fat” OS. My preferred Linux distro for lower powered systems is Xubuntu, but there is no pre-built image available, so you need to start with Ubuntu server (64bit) which is available in the Raspberry Pi imager.

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I updated my old post about connecting a phone via bluetooth to a Renault Espace

I posted this about 5 years ago and no longer have the Espace (I now have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso), but I noticed the old post still gets views. Unfortunately, the parts I used at the time are no longer available, so I updated the links.

I was also a little (but not very) surprised to find that PC CDROM to soundcard audio cables are tricky to find these days. I guess you’ll just have to scour ebay or raid an old PC.