grub tunes

I started tonight restarting my PC due to a Linux update. During restart I noticed that I’d left the grub menu on the default 10 second delay. I thought I’d quickly go into the grub config and change the timeout to 3 seconds, just enough to change something if I need to, but short enough to not be an annoyance.

While I was in the grub config I noticed grub_init_tune commented out at the end. Hmm. Quick google. Quick lookup of tunes people had worked out. A quick search for script to test tunes without restarting. Another bit of googling, installed beep and made it work. Somewhere along the line I found the opening riff for “The final countdown”. Cheesy to the max. Two hours later and job done. Shame I only ever restart my PC for updates…

In case you’re wondering, this is line I used

GRUB_INIT_TUNE=”480 554 1 494 1 554 4 370 6 10 3 587 1 554 1 587 2 554 2 494 6″

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