Update – see here for Mint 20+)
I’m pretty much settled on XFCE for my older machines and Cinnamon for the newer. My last post was about customising the XFCE Whisker menu. This one, as you may have guessed, is about Cinnamon.

The Cinnamon menu is fairly un-customisable from the GUI. It works pretty well, but I wanted bigger category icons. After some digging I found the config file which controls this –


In this file, look at lines 28-30

 const MAX_FAV_ICON_SIZE = 32;

These contain the pixel size for the favourite icons, category icons and application icons. I’ve changed mine to the above. You might want to make a copy of this file before modification and after as it will likely be overwritten by an update at some point.

Some sites having annoying ads, or adblock removal nag screens. The most annoying have these ads or nags in a div with a random number on the end, so blocking it does no good. What you need in this situation is to block with a wildcard.

After some searching and referring to quite a few forum posts I came across this –


Just find the div you want to block, find the non-changing part and modify the above as necessary.

Ever since I moved from Google Chrome to Firefox, I’ve been bothered by the tab bar. In Chrome, the tabs are properly right at the very top of the screen when maximised. In Firefox, even with the fancy new CSD (Client Side Decorations) there is an annoying border above the tab which ruins my muscle memory of flinging the mouse to the top to switch tabs.

For a while I was using gdevilspie to undecorate Firefox, but this made using it non-maximised annoying and also affected Firefox popup windows. After some meddling I found this

  1. Turn off Titlebar and Drag space off in the Customise page
  2. Set “browser.tabs.extraDragSpace” set to true
  3. Toggle Titlebar on and off again in customise

The one caveat to this is that the Mint-X theme in Cinnamon has a nasty looking border. You will need to change to one that works (Mint-y or Mint-y Dark) before doing any of the above, and run through the steps again if you change theme.

It seems that you need to toggle Titlebar on and off each time you launch Firefox. That’s annoying.

–updated update
This looks like it’s fixed in the latest Firefox beta (61.0b8)