Old xbox (not 360) power issues

Ignoring the legal dubiety of XBMC, the old XBOX is still one of the best media centres there is. Granted the Xbox360 can play videos and music, but XBMC does it much better.

Like many people with XBMC I have a bigger hard disk in my old Xbox – a 160Gb Maxtor. This worked fine for a few years, until my FTP connection dies during an update and left me with a bad main executable. The dash crashes on loading – holding white+Y for ‘safe mode’ doesn’t work.

So… I made an Xbox boot DVD. The plan was to boot up, replace the damaged file and be on my way. After many hours of trying different brands of media with my notorious Thomson DVD drive the box still wouldn’t read a disc and boot. It would read ‘proper’ DVD games though. I replaced my 160Gb HD with the original 8Gb drive, cursing the whole time.

When the Xbox was back together I powered it up, forgetting that I’d left a boot DVD in. It read it without hesitation. So did all the others. Then the penny dropped – it takes more power to read a writeable disc than a ROM, and the bigger HD was drawing more power from the PSU. I forget where or when I read about the power thing, but it makes sense.

updatethis may not be accurate, but the observed fact remains that my Xbox would not read a writable disc while using the more power hungry hard disk.

So now I need to power my HD externally, boot the Xbox with a DVD, replace the bad file and put it all together again.

Just for reference, the bigger HD draws  0.96Ma at 12v DC.

I found some info on the XBox PSU on xbox-scene.com (I corrected the 3.3v figure)
+3.3V:4.8A = 15.84 watts
+12V:1.2A = 14.4 watts
+5V:13.2A = 66 watts
total = 94.8 watts

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  1. Ah another old XBOX user – mine have never even seen games during my ownership. I have resisted the urge to big up the HDD, leaving them entirely stock apart from the softmodding and XBMC treatment.

    One sits under the TV in the lounge waiting the call for movies/music/photos from the rig in the upstairs office, while the other lazes around under the TV in the bedroom, rarely springing into action except on days where I get a lie in and fancy a film or some music.

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