Airprint from iphone/ipad on Ubuntu (xubuntu, kubuntu) – revised

OK I’ve done this already, but it’s even easier than I thought. I found this after reinstalling xubuntu and thinking about it for more than a few seconds.

It turns out that all the required libraries are installed by default, so :

  1. Make sure your printer is installed in Linux. It probably is, but if not this isn’t going to be very useful

  3. Download the python script from here (copy the text, paste into an editor and save as in your home folder

  5. Mark the file as executable:
    sudo chmod +x ~/

  7. Run the python script with a switch to put the result in the right place :
    sudo ./  -d /etc/avahi/services/airprint.service

  9.  Edit your cupsd.conf:
    sudo nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

  11.  Add “Serveralias *”  above “<Location />”  (without quotes)
  12.  Share your printer in the printing GUI

  14.  Print from your iphone/ipad


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